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30 April 2023 | YEAR A(I)

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)

Shepherds know that their sheep need to feed on good lush pasture to grow and flourish. Jesus, our Good Shepherd, knows what we need to flourish as well, so he promises that we will “find pasture” in him (John 10:9). On this Good Shepherd Sunday, let’s take some time to follow Jesus into the “verdant pastures” promised in the responsorial psalm (Psalm 23:2).

Start by closing your eyes and taking some deep, calming breaths. Then picture Jesus in front of you, staff in hand. Let him look on you with loving eyes and a gentle smile. Stay with this image for a few minutes, and then watch as he turns and beckons you to follow him. Where is he leading you? Into the fertile pastures that lie deep in your soul, that place where he abides.

In this place of beauty and stillness, you quiet your mind and let the tension drain out of you. You lie down in the soft grass and let it cushion your head (Psalm 23:2). My dear child, Jesus tells you, let nothing disturb you. I have everything in hand.

After a time, Jesus leads you by the hand to a small lake nearby. You recognize the “restful waters” that the psalmist speaks of (Psalm 23:2). Jesus urges you to cup your hands and take a long drink. The water is cool, refreshing, and sweet to the taste, and you keep drinking. Finally, you feel completely rested and satisfied. The Lord has restored your soul (23:3).

The Good Shepherd came so that you “might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). This life grows and deepens in prayer. It’s Jesus’ own life in you. So let him lead you each day to the rich pastures where he is waiting for you. There you will find refreshment, restoration, and peace.

“Jesus, you are my Good Shepherd who leads and guides me. There is nothing and no one else I want but you.”

Source: The Word Among Us


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