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God’s Unconditional Love

Sacrament of Holy Matrimony at Church of St Teresa

Weddings at Church of St Teresa are held every Saturday*, at 10am and 2pm ONLY.

Reservation of date is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Please book 1 year in advance.

*excluding Lent till Holy Saturday, Christmas, Days of Obligation, Parish Events and Public Holidays.

Please ensure you have met the following requirements before booking the Church of St Teresa for your wedding:

  1. At least one of you must be a baptised and confirmed Catholic.

  2. A Catholic Priest with a solemniser license in Singapore must have agreed to be the presider and solemniser at your wedding.

  3. The wedding date must be at least one year away.

Procedures to book your wedding date:

  1. Download and read carefully the Wedding Form and Guidelines for using the Church of St Teresa for your wedding.

  2. Complete the checklist below to check if your desired wedding date is available.

  3. If your desired wedding date is available, reserve the date.​

  4. When your reserved wedding date is approved*, you will receive two emails. One email to inform you that your reserved wedding date has been approved and another email containing all the information that you will require to prepare for your wedding.​

  5. You have two weeks from the date of those emails to complete and submit your Wedding Form and to make payment. Payment instructions can be found on the Wedding Form.

  6. Please email your completed Wedding Form together with a screenshot of your payment confirmation showing the payment date & and transaction reference to the Church of St Teresa Parish Secretary: and Admin Secretary:​

  7. If your Wedding Form and Payment are not received after two weeks, your approved wedding date will be released to other couples for reservation. No reminder will be given. 

  8. Your wedding date is confirmed only when the Church of St Teresa office has issued a receipt for your payment.

*An approved wedding date only means that we have accepted your reserved wedding date and is not a confirmation of your Wedding Booking for the use of the Church of St Teresa for your wedding.  

Wedding Date Reservation
Reservation for Church Only

All three conditions must be met in order to proceed.

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