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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC), assist the Mass celebrant to distribute the Eucharist to the congregation. They are called EMHCs because the Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are ordained priests. As they are called with such an honour to “hold and give” Jesus, they are reminded to be “exemplary” Catholics to others.

The Parish Priest appoints and commissions them to carry out their duties. More than just distributing the Eucharist to the congregation during Mass, they also serve the community by bringing Holy Communion to the housebound and those in hospitals.

To be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, you have to be a practicing Catholic for at least 2 years, have an attitude of service to the community and others, be physically fit and have an understanding of the Eucharist. You will receive spiritual, theological and practical preparation to fulfil your role with knowledge and reverence.

To find out more about our Ministry, have a chat with us after Mass. We are always seated at the front-right pew of the church.


Stanley Ng


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